5 Great Career Options If You Love the Outdoors

Love the Outdoors
Image source: Pexels.com

Negosentro.com | 5 Great Career Options If You Love the Outdoors | If you love being outside and can’t stomach the idea of being chained to a desk all week long, there are plenty of business start-up options that will let you work in the great outdoors. Read on for five career paths that will have you spending a lot of time outside.

Landscape Designer

Functional and beautiful outdoor spaces for homes don’t usually come together by accident. When you visit a house with notable curb appeal and a spectacular backyard, it’s very likely that a landscape designer had a hand in creating the look. By pursuing a career in this field, you’ll get to spend a lot of time outside developing a vision for your clients’ outdoor spaces, from mapping out plant positioning to designing pools to planning spaces for outdoor living. Then you’ll execute your plans by hiring contractors and helping homeowners to acquire finance for pools and other major additions.

Produce Farmer

If you have a decent amount of outdoor space at your home, or there are leasable plots nearby, consider becoming a produce farmer. With consumers becoming increasingly focused on health and nutrition, fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs are in high demand. Farming is physical work that is often very demanding, but shepherding your goods from seed to harvest can be rewarding. You’ll likely have a number of outlets through which to peddle your bounty, whether you establish an on-site stand to sell directly to customers, contract with nearby restaurants or package your harvest for local retailers to feature.

Dog Trainer

From time to time you may see a gathering of pooches in your local park and wonder what they’re up to. In many cases, you might have stumbled upon a dog obedience class. If you have patience and an affinity for man’s best friend, then starting a dog training business can be a great way to spend your working hours outdoors. Whether you’re teaching basic commands, loose-leash walking or agility course completion, each skill you impart can help your charges become better canine citizens, all while you get to enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Mobile Car Wash Operator

Nowadays, people often want to take care of errands in the most convenient way possible, and that’s where something like a mobile car wash service comes in. Rather than finding a way to squeeze in a visit to a car wash to keep their vehicles looking sharp, more and more auto owners are turning toward businesses that can bring that service directly to them. Once you have an understanding of the basics of washing and detailing automobiles, then just a small investment in equipment is all it takes to launch a mobile cleaning business. If you’re flexible with your hours and willing to visit both homes and businesses, you may find that this is a lucrative way to make a living outside of an office setting.

Home Maintenance Provider

There are also other cleaning and care-taking career options that can get you into the great outdoors on a daily basis. From window washing to gutter cleaning, there are plenty of so-called “dirty jobs” around the exteriors of peoples’ homes that they’d often prefer to hire someone else to do. Pool cleaning, lawn and landscape maintenance and house painting are all services you can provide that will let you escape the grind of working indoors. Other outdoor home maintenance careers you might pursue include extermination, tree trimming and concrete power-washing, all of which will let you ply your trade in the open air.

Whether it’s fresh air you crave, or you simply don’t want to be chained to an office cubicle all day, every day, there are lots of great career choices that can help you escape the confines of a traditional indoor job. By finding a career that lets you work outdoors, you can pay the bills while spending your days in an environment that nurtures your desire to avoid feeling stuck inside.