How Many Amazon Buyer Accounts can you have?

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Image Credit: | How many Amazon buyer accounts can you have? | Welcome to another “Amazon multiple accounts” episode! This time with a twist! 

When people tell you that they’re operating their business on Amazon, the first reaction is always surprising and exciting, since selling on this marketplace can bring you big profits and many customers. Sadly, the second thought that always goes through your head is certainly about Amazon account suspensions. It’s like a massive battle, where millions of seller accounts are killed, and let’s be honest, no one is ready for war.  That’s why everyone tries to hammer Amazon’s policies in their heads, read as many Amazon blogs as they can, to steer away from those aggressive and dangerous weapons Amazon uses in the war against rogue, dishonest and bad-mannered sellers.

One of the policies that every seller knows by heart is related to linked accounts. This is when Amazon’s special software detects similar account information to other Amazon accounts, and suspends two (and sometimes even more than two) sellers at the same time. This is why sellers are very careful when it comes to their selling accounts. If sellers are educated on Amazon’s requirements,  they won’t ever try to open a new account with the same info, under the same IP address and so forth. 

That makes us wonder…can we have multiple BUYER accounts on Amazon or do suspensions hit buyers, too?

We know that you’re still afraid of having multiple accounts, no matter if it is a buyer or a selling one. But here’s good news! You are allowed to have as many buyer accounts as you want. Actually, it is pretty obvious. Amazon is obsessed with its customers, why would it forbid its treasure to have multiple buyer accounts? As far as you’re purchasing goods and enriching Amazon’s bank account, you’re welcome!

Amazon even has an option for its customers to link their buyer accounts together under one household, so the entire family can enjoy the complete set of Prime services! This means that each person in your house can have their own separate buyer account, meanwhile as a seller, you are allowed to have only ONE seller account. Well, technically! 

Again, good news for you buyers out there! Since Amazon idolizes its customers, they are allowed to have multiple buyers accounts, and what’s more, they can even log into their Amazon accounts on the same computer, with the same IP address!

Let’s agree that Amazon is a strange company. On one hand, they say, “we see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better,” but on the other… 

On the other hand, they mercilessly suspend their sellers, even though sometimes they are completely guiltless! While we can’t do much for all you buyers out there, Got Suspended? Is here to troubleshoot your seller accounts in case of suspensions! 

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